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          Servicing the Hydraulic Rebuilding Industry

          Email: sales@ms-d.com
          En Espa?ol: luis@ms-d.com

          What's New

          Our Heavy Duty cylinder disassembly/assembly table and tooling designed for cylinders up to 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The table is designed with the top rail modified from 3/4" to 1-1/4" steel and is 26.5 ft. Long. A cylinder assist for disassembly and re assembly, a 24" heavy duty triple chain vise, a pressure boost system and 70K Nut Buster have been developed in conjunction with the heavy duty disassembly table.

          Download an informational brochure on the Disassembly Bench Model MSD-D-HD26

          We accept:

          NUT BUSTER - Hydraulic Torque Wrench

          Nut Buster hydraulic torque wrench used to remove piston nuts and cylinder heads

          Hydraulic Torque Wrench

          MSD-N-20/30/40/50NR/70NR/100 Nut Busters

          The Nut Busters? is a hydraulically operated ratchet (hydraulic torque wrench). It is a nut removal tool used to remove or install piston nuts and cylinder heads. The Nut Buster uses a minimum of 2 GPM and 2500 psi to develop 20,000 to 62,000 foot-pounds of torque, depending upon the model. The Nut Buster? uses a square 8” plate as the base for the sockets and attachments. The attachments slide in to the adapter on either end of the Nut Buster? and rotate 45° to lock in place. Depending upon which side of the Nut Buster? is used the tool will rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. The Nut Buster? is designed to be used with the MSD-D Disassembly Table. It can also be adapted to fit your existing table. Please be sure to read and understand the operating instructions for the Nut Buster? before operating the tool.

          MSD-N-50R | Nut Buster? Nut Runner

          Nut Buster Nut Runner hydraulic torque wrench for variable speed nut removal

          Shafts with extended threads or lighter torque requirements can be processed faster with this Nut Buster?/runner. With the increased productive billing hours this unit will pay for itself in a short period of time.

          This Nut Buster?/Runner will develop up to 61,000 ft/lbs of torque at 3,500 psi. The Nut Runner mode develops one foot pound of torque for every psi of pressure.

          Close up view of hydraulic nut runner drive motor

          MSD-NR Hydraulic Nut runner

          Rear view of nut buster tool showing selector valve

          Nut Buster selector valve

          Valve manifold directs oil to either the cylinders for high torque activation or to the drive motor for variable speed nut removal.

          Speed of rotation can be controlled when the drive motor is engaged.

          A 5-to-1 mechanical advantage is accomplished with the use of no. 60 chain and sprocket assembly.

          A high torque 2000 series “Charlynn” drive motor will deliver variable speeds at torques up to 2,500 ft/lb. This supplies enough torque for most jobs.

          MSD-N-RB | Nut Buster? Rotating Base

          Nut buster tool manufactured with rotating base

          Now included in standard price. All of the Machinery Service & Design Nut Busters? are manufactured with a rotating base. This eliminates having to reposition the Nut Buster? when changing from removing to installing nuts or glands.