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          Servicing the Hydraulic Rebuilding Industry

          Email: sales@ms-d.com
          En Espa?ol: luis@ms-d.com

          What's New

          Our Heavy Duty cylinder disassembly/assembly table and tooling designed for cylinders up to 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The table is designed with the top rail modified from 3/4" to 1-1/4" steel and is 26.5 ft. Long. A cylinder assist for disassembly and re assembly, a 24" heavy duty triple chain vise, a pressure boost system and 70K Nut Buster have been developed in conjunction with the heavy duty disassembly table.

          Download an informational brochure on the Disassembly Bench Model MSD-D-HD26

          We accept:


          Tube Cleaner

          Use our internal tube washer to wash tubes and cylinders before assembly process.

          Caustic Tank

          We offer caustic tank services for repainting jobs requiring the removal of paint and component cleaning in order to have only the bare metal surface. Our caustic tanks are designed for caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. All caustic tanks meet applicable safety and regulatory requirements.

          Tube Cleaner | Caustic Tank

          MSD-ITW | Internal Tube Washer

          The MSD-ITW (internal tube washer) is manufactured to clean the inside of tubes and cylinders prior to reassembly. Our tube washer uses ATF or any other hydraulic fluid for washing and flushing thus eliminating the need for rinsing. The washer roles easily, on four casters, and is positioned at the end of our Disassembly Table that is used to hold the cylinder. The hand held pistol grip drive and oil pump are air operated for safe and trouble free with a single power source.

          Key Features:

          • Our tube washer is positioned directly under the cylinder end. The splash shield (A) prevents oil spray and mess and easily swings up and out of the way for ease of cylinder positioning.
          • Pneumatic drive unit (B).
          • A dual self-retracting nylon hose assembly (C) keeps the air and oil lines off the floor and conveniently stored for a safe working environment.
          • Large 10-micron secondary filter (D).
          • Air-powered twin-diaphragm pump (E) delivers 6 GPM @ 100 PSI for thorough washing, cleaning and flushing.
          • Pilot-operated air valve (F) automatically starts the air pump when the trigger is pulled on the drive unit.
          • Air inlet (G) to provide power for fluid washing and rotational drive.
          • Drive extensions (H) are supplied in 48” and 96” lengths and are easily assembled with locking quick-disconnects.
          • A small brush holder and complete set of brushes (I) from 3” to 7” diameter are supplied.

          Three Stage Filter System

          Tube Cleaner | Caustic Tank

          The first stage is a heavy duty, 40-micron filter roll (J) that can be advanced to expose new media as contaminants build up in the roll. The second stage is a magnetic sheet (K) under the filter roll to remove the larger ferrous materials. The final stage is a 10-micron spin-on hydraulic filter (L) in the lower cabinet. It cleans the oil coming out of the pump, prior to washing and flushing the cylinder tube.

          MSD-ITW-LW | (Long Wall) Tube Cleaner

          Tube Cleaner | Caustic Tank

          The MSD-ITW-LW tube cleaner is an air-powered system designed to clean the inside diameter of hydraulic cylinder tubes with brushes and a solvent. Capacity is from 10 feet to 100 feet in length, and bore diameters from 3 inch to 12 inch. The MSD ITW-LW (long wall) system is similar to the standard MSD internal tube cleaning system. The standard MSD-ITW contains a 20 gallon solvent tank with an air powered solvent pump and 10-micron filtration. It can be ordered with a pneumatic drive, extensions and brushes for shorter cylinders up to 10 ft long. The long wall system uses a modified MSD-ITW tank assembly with the air-powered head to clean out cylinders up to 100 ft long.

          The MSD-ITW-LW includes:

          • Large wash head 6” to 12” diameter with a variable speed air motor.
          • Small wash head range 3” to 6-1/2” diameter with a geared air motor.
          • Twin 3/8” hose reel with 50-foot capacity mounted on extension stand.
          • Interchangeable brush holder with six brush slots.
          • Front brush holder for blind bores.
          • Modified MSD-ITW-LW tank assembly

          The air powered ITW-LW has two lines from the hose reel, one for air to drive the brush and one for solvent pumped by the diaphragm pump in the ITW. The hand-fed air motor assembly makes the brush head rotate to dislodge contamination from the tube. The system uses Daraclean 236 biodegradable, re-usable solvent for the cleaning process. The cleaning solution is pumped through a 10-micron filter and into the brush head to dislodge and flush out the contaminants. The exhaust port of the air motor is extended backwards to prevent any foaming and misting of the cleaning solvent. The solvent flows out of the cylinder tube and back into the ITW wash cart. The solvent is pre-cleaned in the ITW Cart by a 40-micron paper filter and a magnetic pad under the filter paper to collect any large metal flakes.

          The MSD-ITW-LW package with the MSD-ITW makes cleaning large and long cylinders much easier. Our airpowered package is a user friendly and safe way to remove honing oil and machining debris from long tubes.

          The MSD-ITW-LW is available in special sizes to meet your needs.

          MSD-UT | Utility Table

          Leveling and anchor holes are provided in each leg.

          3/4” drain couplings are located on either end of the table.

          Tube Cleaner | Caustic Tank

          Table is reinforced from the underside to provide a flat, rugged work area with a spill containing trough.

          Available in 8-, 10- and 12-foot tables, our Utility Table is an ideal working surface to supplement our standard Disassembly Fixture. The drained edges keep the work area free from oil.

          Heads, pistons and other hydraulic components can be disassembled on the large work surface. During reassembly the area provides a clean flat surface for repacking and resealing cylinders and assembling other hydraulic components.

          The Machinery Service & Design’s Utility Table is a sturdily designed fully drained table. The 2’ x 11’6” working surface is designed to withstand heavy impacts and is constructed for easy installation of jobbing tools such as vises and hand presses. The framework is constructed of heavy gauge 2” X 4” rectangular tubing. The surface is a 1/4” thick steel plate reinforced with structural cross members for extra support. A 4” channel is continuously welded on the circumference of the table to capture any liquid that might run off the table surface. 3/4” drain couplings are provided at both ends of the table to facilitate your oil capture system. The table’s legs are provided with leveling and/or anchor holes to level and secure the table in place for a safe working environment.

          MSD-CT | Stainless Steel Caustic Tank

          Tube Cleaner | Caustic Tank

          Hot caustic tanks are used to strip paint and clean components down to bare metal, preparing the components for repainting.

          Our standard caustic tank is constructed of 318 stainless steel, mounted into a frame made of 2’ x 4” rectangular ?” wall tube. The unit is approximately 3’-6” wide X 3’-6” high X 12’-0” long. The main caustic tank holds 500 gallons of caustic solution. Using our approach, the system can be scaled to your specifications.

          Key Features:

          • The lid is hydraulically actuated open and closed (A).
          • Heat is supplied with two electric emersion heaters (B). Our unique design uses a double bottom reservoir that allows the heaters to be mounted in the bottom section. The heaters then heat the water/antifreeze solution in this section and transfer the heat evenly to the caustic holding tank.
          • The tank and lid (C) are insulated with 2” Styrofoam preventing heart loss. The lid is also fitted with a high temperature silicone seal to minimize evaporation.
          • The “V” bottom (D) of the caustic tank collects the solids removed from the component surfaces. This design concentrates the waste for easy flush out through the 1-1/2” cleaning port.
          • The bottom surface is covered by a removable heavy steel grating (E) to set components without damaging the tank.
          • The liquid is maintained in the main caustic tank with the use of a float mechanism (F). The level in the tank changes with large component insertion, part carry out and, to a lesser extent, evaporation over time.

          MSD-AOO | Air-Over-Oil Power Unit

          The MSD air over oil power unit is an economical power source for the MSD Nut Buster?. This air over oil power unit is an alternative to electric powered hydraulic system. The assembly is mounted into a framework that can be fitted with casters for ease of movement and connects directly to our Nut Buster?.

          How It Works:

          • This system has the advantage of rapid cylinder movement and high pressure (2,500 PSI) to activate the Nut Buster? all from a single 80 PSI air source.
          • An air-line is connected to the directional valve (A).
          • The valve is a three (3) position closed center valve and will direct air into either of the two (2) pressure reservoirs (B).
          • When air is directed to one reservoir oil is forced into the cylinders at 80 PSI and rapid flow rates. When the cylinders encounter a resistance the air is diverted into an “air activated hydraulic pump” and generates high pressures (C).
          • When the air is reversed the cylinders retract.
          • A “Pilot to open check” (D) allows free flow of returning oil.

          Automatic Slide Plate Assembly

          • Efficient use of labor, one-man operations
          • Efficient use of machine frame length
          • Selectable direction for pull apart or push
          • 36" Stroke Cylinder
            • Develops 37,698 lbs. Push
            • Develops 30,483 lbs. Pull

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